Weekly Weight Loss Week 6

This week I couldn't attend my meeting. I went to visit the in-laws Tuesday afternoon and only returned home today. However, that doesn't mean that I didn't weigh myself. Using the scales on the Wii Fit, I lost...


Something tells me that that isn't right. The scales on the Wii Balance Board must be out slightly but it does show that I possibly have lost weight this week.

What Did I Do This Week?

The same as I do every week - why change something that works? I always track everything and eat all my propoints. I did a little more exercise this week by getting out and about. Batteries are in the Wii Balance Board now so I can start doing stuff but I haven't really had the chance - the little one keeps me on my feet!

What Will I Do This Week?

We still had "pig-out night" on Tuesday. In fact, the in-laws looked after our daughter for the night so we were able to enjoy a meal out without her. We lasted all of two hours. It really is amazing how much babies take out of you!

The diet went a little off track yesterday with it being Halloween. I hardly tracked and when I did track, I realised that I had eaten all my daily propoints and the majority of my weekly propoints! Oops! However, I did go on the Wii Fit for 45 minutes while at the in-laws'. I'm feeling it today too - it's amazing how much the boxing on the Wii Fit really works!

I'm getting ours out definitely this week and also order Zumba for the Wii. As much as I would love to get out to the swimming pool or the gym, the only chance I have is when my partner gets home so he can look after the little one but the cold and dark nights make me want to stay in. At least with the Nintendo Wii I can stay in and still do exercise.

How is your weight loss going? Hope you are burning those calories and on your way to reaching your goal. I should have said but my goal was to reach 1 stone by Christmas and I am on my way. Good luck!


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