Am I really going to stick to a weight loss plan this time?

t's that time when I start thinking about weight loss again. The plan I had at the start of the year has gone out of the window yet again. It's all the same excuses.

But falling off the wagon isn't the worst thing that I can do. The worst thing is not even sticking to blogging about it. We have a tendency with blogs and social media to only show the good side. There's this need to be the perfect versions of ourselves and that means avoiding the bad. Yet, the bad times are when we need most of the support. This is the point when we need to lean on each other.

It's just so hard to be honest about failures. We don't want to admit when we've not stuck to the plans we've laid out. Yet one of the reasons for tracking is to see where it all went wrong. This is a chance to look at how moods affect eating choices and what happened to lead to a blowout. It's also a chance to see how we get back on track with things.

So, with that in mind, I'm making a change to the way I blog. I don't know if I'm going to stick to my current weight loss plan. Honestly, I kind of already failed. I want to fit the 50-squat challenge into my day but I was so consumed with staying on timings with work that I completely forgot about it -- genuinely forgot about it. I'm also not tracking my food intake the way I want, although I know roughly what I'm eating and don't have junk to snack on in the house.

The best thing I can do, though, is promise to blog more regularly. This isn't just about when I've had success, but also to share the times things go wrong and then share the plan I have to change things for the better.

Tomorrow, I'm going to plan out my day better to make sure I fit in my 50-squat a day challenge. I'll take a break every hour to ensure I fit 10 squats in each break. By the end of the working day I should have done my 50 and I'll be healthier by not sitting at the desk for the full 8 hour stretch or so.

I'm just going to stick to one goal at a time. This 50-squat challenge is my goal for the next two weeks. Once that becomes more of a routine, I'll add something else in. Oh, and this is on top of drinking a glass of water every hour to keep that intake up and keeping my caffeine to just one cup of coffee and two cups of tea per day.

Will you join me with this challenge? Will you promise to look at and admit the bad as well as the good? Let's do this together!


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