Weight Watchers Plan Changes: Giving It a Go

Weight Watchers announced the new plan yesterday. It’s a holistic approach, going “Beyond the Scale.”

But there are lots of people in Facebook groups saying that they’re not going to bother changing. They’re angry that Weight Watchers has done this, saying that it’s all about the money.

The truth is, the change is all about health. This new change encourages moving more, eating foods that are lower in sugar and saturated fats (not getting rid of all treats but having them just as treats) and focusing on being happier.

What could possibly be wrong with that? Why would someone not want to give the Weight Watchers plan changes a go?

Chocolate and Snacks Have Increased

There are a lot of complaints about chocolate, snacks and wine going up in values. There’s a reason for that...

They’re high in saturated fats and sugars.

Weight Watchers isn’t just about losing weight. It’s always been about living a healthier lifestyle. The old plan—in hindsight, which I know is ALWAYS perfect—didn’t really focus on this that much. There was a lot of flexibility to have takeaways, chocolate bars and all sorts of other stuff throughout the day. In fact, on more than one occasion I looked at my meals and wondered what I could cut out just so I could have a treat.

How did that make any sense?

I still remember the old points plan before ProPoints. There was one week where I’d had such a blow out at the weekend that I ended up starving myself (literally) for four days to make sure I still lost weight. Yes, I lost that week but I didn’t feel great for it. I felt weak, tired and downright miserable.
It’s time to start thinking about what we’re eating, and that’s why it’s so important to give this plan a go.

The App Isn’t Working Properly

I understand your frustration with this. Really, I do!

I live by my app. It’s like a third arm for me. But there are other methods of tracking at the moment. The website is working and there is still paper and pen. I actually went back to paper and pen recently. It got me to focus again, because it’s so easy to click, click, click on the app and not really think about what I was inputting.

Paying for something that doesn’t work properly is annoying, but I want to put something into perspective here...

Technology fails. It’s not perfect because humans aren’t perfect. And who’s responsible for creating technology? Humans.

The developers are working around the clock to get these bugs out of the app. It means updates being pushed through. I’ve found accepting the updates and restarting my phone has cleared up most of the issues; just like I’d need to if updating software on the computer.

Patience is a virtue, and not one I really have. But when it comes to tech, I understand the issues and the fact that fixes are not always instant. The app will be back to normal.

For now, use the website. You can send off a complaint, but please keep it polite. There’s no need for the abuse some people are spouting off!

Just to put some things in perspective, though. I've had the app for just over three years and this is the first time I've seen a problem with it. Yet, I have to put up with my internet connection going down on a regular basis, and pay much more for that. Tech is great until it doesn't work.

Weight Watchers Just Wants to Make More Money

Guess what, this isn’t the case! This isn’t about getting more money out of you, but about helping you life a healthier lifestyle.

Have you noticed that the food that has gone up in points is likely the food that got you to your higher weight in the first place? By cutting that down and focusing on healthier food, you’re more likely to get to your goal weight sooner. That means Weight Watchers makes less money from you.

By the way, the plan is always tested before being rolled out to members. Leaders have been following it for a couple of months and there have been people at Head Office following it for longer than that. They’ve had the great weight losses and other health benefits, so we know that Weight Watchers aren’t doing it for money.

With being pregnant, I’ve not seen a weight loss; obviously. I’ve seen a healthy gain but that’s not the important part. Within two weeks of following the plan, my blood pressure had shot down considerably. It’s on the rise again now (but I’m in the last month), but it’s manageable and nothing like what it was during the first pregnancy. By this point, my blood pressure was through the roof! On top of that, I’ve had no swelling in my ankles. I was at a Christmas party on Saturday night and dancing away for an hour in (still very comfy) four-inch heels! This plan definitely isn’t for the worse.

What about the scales, calculators etc.? In the UK, Weight Watchers members get to switch them for free. They need to be current members, but there are options for lapsed members. Online members need to contact customer support, while in-meeting members get the help at their meetings.
If Weight Watchers really just wanted to make money from you, do you think they would do something like that? Definitely not!

It’s Not the First Time They’ve Changed

No, it’s not and it probably won’t be the last. But the changes aren’t just for the sake of changing.
I read a lot of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but what’s to say that it wasn’t broken? You may have lost weight but were you healthier for it? Were you really happier? This change is to encourage a healthier lifestyle. It was necessary.

I remember being completely resistant to the change to ProPoints 5 years ago. I tried to get into it but kept comparing to the old system. It didn’t work and I left after a while. But when I returned I was a stone heavier and wished I’d just stuck with it. That hindsight has helped me remain positive about this change. It’s made me realize that I just need to stick with it!

The next time it changes, whenever that may be, I’ll have the same mindset. Change is often good. It’s as good as a rest and could be the boost you need to see your weight loss again.

So, it’s time to look at the Weight Watchers plan changes. You’ll hear all about them this week in your meetings. I let my members know about everything on Wednesday and Saturday, and can’t wait. It’s exciting and I’m confident because I know that it works.

Please, embrace the change. It can be frustrating without a fully functioning app (but that’s being fixed and most issues are now resolved), but that doesn’t mean everyone has to be so negative about everything. Give the plan a chance, look through the books and SMILE!


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