Weight Watchers Hasn’t Changed to Make More Money: Why You Benefit From SmartPoints

There is still a lot of talk about the new Weight Watchers plan, SmartPoints. Some accuse the company of changing just for the sake of money. There’s this idea of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

While I do believe in that saying, the truth is the ProPoints plan was slightly flawed. I fully admit to making my allowance fit so I could have my chocolate, crisps, cheeses and alcohol. The truth is SmartPoints is needed, and it benefits you in so many ways.

Now, there are people resistant to change. They don’t like it, and as humans it’s common to like our routines. The change from Points to ProPoints was very much the same. I keep saying how I was one of those so resistant that I left, gained weight and wished I’d just kept going and embraced the changed. That’s why this time—even though I feared I might find it hard—I decided to embrace it and get stuck in.

It is because I see the benefits in SmartPoints. So, I want to focus on them to show you why Weight Watchers hasn’t changed just to make more money out of you.

It’s Encouraging You to Make Healthier Choices

This is the simple, most beneficial part of the change. There are lots of people complaining that they can’t have all their chocolate and treats anymore.

Well, guess what! That’s a good thing! Weight Watchers isn’t saying you can’t have it at all, but is encouraging you to make healthier choices throughout the day. There is the encouragement to fill your plates up with delicious, nutritious vegetables, fruits and high-protein foods. That chicken salad is going to fill you up longer than a chocolate bar, and it is healthier for you.

Do you want to lose weight or do you want to lose weight AND be healthy?

I know my answer to that question.

It means making some sacrifices, but it also means making some smart swaps. One of those was my hot chocolate. At one point I thought that was going to be completely out, especially with the marshmallows. My usual full fat hot chocolate with big marshmallows was topping the points at 8sp—up from 4pp! Now I’ve switched to a low-calorie hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and I can make it for 3sp. Sometimes I can make it for 2sp, it just depends on the amount of mini marshmallows I put in.

While making the smart swaps, I’m also looking at healthier choices. I feel better for making them—both in my head and in my health.

It’s Encouraging You to Move More

Earning FitPoints (as they’re now known) is easier than ever before. There’s no minimum amount of steps you need to take, and actually earning the points is much easier.

For just 800ish steps, I’ve been able to earn a FitPoint. Before I would have had to do 4,000+ steps to start earning anything! With seeing how much easier it is to earn the points, I’ve been more encouraged to do more activity.

This is only good for me. Weight Watchers is encouraging me to move more, so I end up doing more activity.

Right now, it’s definitely not easy. At 8 months pregnant, I am really struggling to move around a lot. Yesterday I did a little over 7,000 steps, according to my FitBit One, and today I am really feeling it in my legs. I know that’s all pregnancy related and I look forward to swimming and being able to stretch my muscles off.

I’m looking forward to actually following the plan properly and moving a lot more because I’m able to. Earning sooner will definitely get me to be more active.

While Weight Watchers recommends not eating your FitPoints, they are there if you do go into a negative balance. The main aim is to be healthier, though.

It Does Help You Lose Weight

Many people are seeing great weight losses. In fact, they’re so great that I’ve seen some people still
Image by Lexi Gunn
on ProPoints now thinking about giving SmartPoints a go.

Cutting down on sugar and saturated fats and upping protein have really helped people lose more weight. And those who already followed a low sugar/low sat fat diet anyway are still seeing their good weight losses.

That’s because the plan really does work. It can work better than ProPoints, which means you’re more likely to get to goal sooner. Guess what! When you get to goal, you don’t have to pay for classes so Weight Watchers is actually making LESS money out of you.

Do you still really think it’s all about the money?

“But I need to buy new scales and books” is the next common complaint. In the UK, Weight Watchers is offering a swap shop. You can find out more about this from the official website. But it is possible to swap your scales, calculators, eat out guides and shop guides for free. Please read the site for ALL terms and conditions.

Some people even got complacent on ProPoints. The change has meant that they’ve been able to go back to basics and start all over again. This has improve their weight loss, meaning Weight Watchers will make less money out of them in the long run.

It’s Keeping You Up to Date With Recommended Guidelines

Research continues, and new findings come out now and then. Five years ago, ProPoints was the most up to date system. Diets that were higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates were found to be better and healthier.

Now, it’s found that sugar is the main cause of obesity. That means health guidelines have changed. This is where Weight Watchers’ ProPoints system has been slightly flawed. It’s not taken sugar into account, and just total carbs.

By switching to SmartPoints, you’re being kept up to date with the recommended guidelines. You know that you’re on the most current, healthiest diet for you.

It’s not even a diet. You can still have your chocolate and cakes. It’s just all about moderation. Have a treat as a treat!

It’s Not Just About the Scales

Before, Weight Watchers members were very much focused on the numbers of the scales. While we talked about non-scale victories, there was still that element of having to lose 1/2lb or more. If we overate one day, there was that guilty feeling, knowing that we may not see the loss.

This is disappearing with this new plan. For America is “Beyond the Scales.” In the UK, it’s all about “Smile.” This is one of the books, and I love it. It’s all about spending some time on yourself, and finding something that makes you happy.

Swimming is one of the things that really makes me happy. That’s my “me time.” But I also love spending time with my daughter and doing my crafts or writing. Since the release of SmartPoints, I’ve focused on doing that a bit more and do feel better for it.

I’ve also changed my comfort eating. I’m not a stress eater, but I am an anger eater. Now that I’ve started SmartPoints, I’ve found myself not eating out of anger anymore. On Saturday, I could have given into chocolate and ice cream while out with my daughter, but I decided against them. Instead, I had some fruit when I got home and felt better in myself for doing it.

There’s that question of: will eating this really make me feel better? I knew the answer with the chocolate was no. It wasn’t going to magically make the anger disappear.

I love SmartPoints. To prove it works, I’m currently following the maintenance points allowance for me because of pregnancy and I lost 2lbs this week. It’s the first week in a while that I’ve truly stuck to it, but still had my chocolate on a daily basis. It’s all about smart swaps and sticking to the plan. Weight Watchers hasn’t done this just for money. It’s to make you healthier, thinner and happier.


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