Plan Ahead to Lose Weight While on Vacation

You lose weight in time for your vacation and then gain some—if not all—of it back again. Isn’t it time to stop the yo-yoing? The good news is you can!

It’s all about planning ahead, so you lose weight while on vacation. I’m going away tomorrow for a week, and despite being pregnant I don’t want to gain a lot of weight. I’ve been known to actually lose weight while on vacation and over Christmas, and it’s all from these tips I’m going to share with you now.

Here’s how to plan ahead...

Make the Decision to Lose Weight While on Vacation

The first thing you need to do is actually make that decision. You need to say to yourself that this is something you definitely want to do.

Some people are happy with staying the same weight or a small gain. If that’s you, you still need to plan ahead, but you have a little more leeway.

The more committed you are to a target, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Plan Activity Into Your Trip

Just because you’re going away, doesn’t mean you can’t get moving. I know when I’m away somewhere, I tend to move more. There’s a lot more walking because of sightseeing and getting involved with games with the family.

Plan some into your day, so you do lose weight. You could commit to doing an hour of walking each day to see the sights, without giving into ice creams and everything else along the way! Another option is to play games on the beach, if you book a seaside holiday.

The more activity you do, the more likely you are to counter the extra food you have.

Take Control With Your Food

We’re going away on a caravan holiday, which means we get to enjoy our own meals. We have full control, except maybe one night when we’ll go out for dinner.

My husband enjoys cooking, and I don’t mind doing the odd bit. We also like to have meals all together, and encourage our three-year-old to eat the same as us.

Taking control of your food really will help you lose weight while on vacation. If you’re booked into a hotel, you will likely only have one or two meals prepared for you. That means you have the choice of where to eat for lunch. Make the healthy choices, rather than using your holiday as an excuse to eat more.

When you’re snacking, avoid the high calorie options. With Weight Watchers, we have tools to help us swap foods and save pro points, but you can do it just by looking at calories, too. Make a commitment to yourself to have the healthier snacks available the majority of the time.

With some planning ahead, you can lose weight on vacation. These are the tips that I’ve followed over the last three years, and have found success with them. I even lose weight over Christmas with them!


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