How to Lose Your Holiday Weight Gain Fast

You’ve been on holiday and gained some weight. That’s probably something you expected, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy about it.

Some people are pleasantly surprised to find out they’ve “only gained” a certain amount, while others are shocked to find out they gained more.

However you feel, you likely have one thing on your mind. How do you now lose your holiday weight gain fast? It’s time to get back on track!

The good news is you can lose it, and it doesn’t have to take all year. Of course, the time it takes will depend on a number of factors, and you still want to do it healthily. Here are my tips for losing holiday weight gain as quickly as possible.

Get Straight Back on Plan

Whether it’s the middle of your weigh week or right towards the end, getting straight back on the plan will help you. It really doesn’t matter if you do Weight Watchers, Slimming World or diet on your own. Getting straight back on will get you back into your good habits quickly.

If you get home mid-weigh week, you may find you counter some of the damage when it comes to jumping on the scales. How great will that feel?

It can be hard getting back on track after a holiday. I know how it feels, but it is possible. I’ve already offered tips on how to do this, and encourage you to check them.

Get Out of Holiday Mindset

Getting back on track will help with this, but it doesn’t always keep you focused. You need to do something that makes it clear to your head that you’re no longer on holiday.

We took a week off last week. When we got back late the Saturday night, we admittedly just crawled into bed. The Sunday though, I was straight back to church and then we did a food shop (with a list) and got on with the laundry. These everyday tasks—rather than going out for lunch or going to the park—meant that our heads got straight out of holiday mode.

I was able to get straight back on plan for eating healthily. I may not be following the Weight Watchers pro points due to pregnancy, but I am still following the filling and healthy foods as much as possible.

Look at Your Goals Again

If you’re still struggling to get back on plan, it’s time to look at your goals again. This will help you lose your holiday weight gain fast, because you remember just why you’re doing it. You give yourself the motivation boost.

Your weight loss goals may have changed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If so, write out your new goals. Stick them up somewhere, so you can check back when your motivation gets low.

It’s also worth looking at some short term goals to lose your holiday weight gain. What’s your goal for next week? I advise my members not to set a very specific number when it comes to weight loss—like 2lb by next week. Instead, I want them to set the goal of planning their meals again and seeing a loss at the scales.

Some will find that the loss is larger than normal, especially if they’ve gotten straight back on it. This is just because the body will retain fluid, and by getting back on track you’ll lose that fluid.

The body is a weird and wonderful thing.

It is possible to lose your holiday weight gain fast. The trick is to get straight back on track, and get back out of that holiday mindset. Just think, there are only 18 weeks to Christmas. Where do you want to be by then?


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