My Maintenance Update: Losing Weight Is the Easy Part!

I realised recently just how long it’s been since I’ve really given you an update about my weight loss. I don’t really have much to say, except that I’ve neglected the blog and you guys. I’m very sorry about that.

Time has been minimal lately, and will be now that I’m becoming a Weight Watchers leader. The good thing about being a leader is that I’ll learn more and have things to share on a regular basis.
But for now, I’ll share my weight maintenance update. I’ve got to admit, losing weight is the easy part. I know it doesn’t seem like it during your journey, but it really is! You have to get out of the mindset to lose, and be happy that the scales have stayed the same each week. And there is always going to be fluctuations.

I went on holiday and game back half a stone heavier! I’ve been pulling it all back since then, and have lost five pounds of it so far. I’ve got another two to lose the holiday gain and half to get down to my goal weight again. Then I’m focusing on getting to that five pound below the goal weight to give me some leeway.

Being a Weight Watchers leader is definitely going to keep me more accountable, though.

How have your journey’s been? Hopefully, your weight is going the direction that you want it to! Keep going!


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