Why Eating In-Season Fruit and Vegetables Is Good for You

There are so many great fruits and vegetables in-season right now. They include strawberries, cherries, celery and cauliflower. Sure, you can get many of these at other times of the year, but they’re so much better when they’re in-season.

Not too sure? Here are four reasons to opt for in-season fruit and vegetables all year round.

They Taste Amazing

Those that are in-season are fresher than those that aren’t. That’s because they’re grown locally or at least don’t have that far to travel. They’re not kept for days on end while dying, so you get them with a crispier taste.

They’re Cheaper to Buy

You can buy more because they’re cheaper. Even if you choose to buy the same amount as usual, you’re benefitting from a lower food bill. Since they’re in-season, it’s easier and cheaper for stores and greengrocers to get their hands on them. That leads to you making a saving.

You Can Find Them Easily

There’s no need to go searching around the supermarket for your fruit and vegetable—often leading to you giving up and going away without them. The in-season fruit and vegetables are easy to find, and there will be plenty of them. There’s no excuse not to buy.

Fruit and Vegetables Are Good for You Anyway

Just eating them is good for you. On the Weight Watchers plan most fruit and vegetables are zero points, so you don’t have to worry about using up your daily or weekly allowance. If you’re just following a low fat or low calorie diet, you’ll benefit from eating fruit and vegetables. While they do have calories, they have fewer than other foods.

Isn’t it time to pick up the in-season fruit and vegetables? Reap the benefits and enjoy delicious dishes all year round.


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