Do You Need to Eat All Your Weight Watchers Points?

Do you need to eat all your Weight Watchers points to see that weight loss?

This week’s post is targeted towards Weight Watchers members. It’s a topic that I’ve seen asked a lot lately, and I thought it time to cover it here.

I’m sorry to those who aren’t Weight Watchers members. You may be a little confused, and I understand if you don’t want to read it all. However, I recommend reading it as I will try to explain as much as possible. Maybe it will inspire you to join the Weight Watchers club.

Your Daily and Weekly Pro-Points Allowance

When you join Weight Watchers you are given a daily and weekly Pro-Points allowance. The daily allowance is based on your height, weight, age and whether you are breastfeeding or not. It is subject to change as you lose more weight, but the minimum you will have is 26 pro-points when you’re losing weight. Your weekly allowance is and always will be 49 pro-points.

You can also earn activity pro-points, which are based on the intensity of your workout and the time you exercise for.

The question that many people has is whether they need to eat all their Weight Watchers pro-points.

Everybody Is Different

The first thing I want to point out is that everyone is different. Some people will be able to eat all their allowance and have great weight losses. Others find that they can have some left over and have amazing losses at the scales.

I recommended doing some trial and error. Find out what works for you, and when you’re more likely to lose or gain weight. I especially recommend this when it comes to your activity allowance.

The Minimum 26 Pro-Points a Day

Everyone is given at least 26 pro-points on a daily basis. Weight Watchers recommends that you eat at least 26 a day. If you have more, then you can eat them or not, but the 26 is the minimum your body will need at least. Of course, this does depend on your metabolism, and you may need to find you have to eat all your daily allowance.

The weeklies and activities are different. You don’t need to touch those, but some people find they have better weight losses when they do.

You May Not Be Eating Enough

Watch the scales and see how you do. If you’re not eating all your points and not losing weight, it could be because you’re not eating enough. Your body needs to have a certain amount of fuel on a daily basis, and that comes from your food. If you don’t eat enough, you could find your metabolism slows down to the point where you don’t lose any weight, and even put it on.

Try eating a few more points during the next week and see what the scales say. You will eventually get to the point where you have a steady weight loss.

Do I Eat All My Weight Watchers Points?

Yes, most of the time. I have better weight losses when I eat all my daily and weekly points. The only ones I find I can leave are my activity ones. However, I can still have a good weight loss if I eat them.

This is just what works for me. It may not work perfectly for you.

Good luck on your Weight Watchers journey. This is a diet plan that does work, and one that you can live by for the rest of your life. Whether you eat all your Weight Watchers points though is up to you, and depends on your success at the scales each week.

Do you find you need to eat all your Weight Watchers points? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below.


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