Super Bowl Weight Loss: Let It Happen!

It’s the Super Bowl very very soon. I wanted to get this up much sooner than I did, but better late than never, right?

The Super Bowl is big in the US, but it’s getting to be a bigger event all around the world, especially here in the UK. There will be a lot of people looking to lose weight or maintain their weight while enjoying snacks and treats as part of the game. And I’m one of those people!

Here are my tips to make it possible to lose weight and enjoy the Super Bowl.

Make Your Own Food

Pizzas and buffet food are among the most popular options at Super Bowl parties. They’re easy to grab, while watching the game. But they’re really bad for weight loss, right?

Well, why not make your own? Make your own pizzas, try wraps instead of bread and create your own fillings, or even try your own sausage rolls. Not only will they be healthier, they’ll also be cheaper!

If you're going to make your own food, remember the Food Safety to keep you and your guests safe. has some great tips, along with the following:

Low Calorie Drinks

If you really want the soft drinks at your Super Bowl party, switch them for low calorie options. Diet drinks or those with “zero” are great weight loss alternatives. You can hardly taste the difference, especially if you’re mixing them with spirits.

What about you beer and cider lovers? There are low calorie options available. They usually have less alcohol in them too, so you get to enjoy more but without the adverse side effects. Wine is also available as a low calorie option, if that’s your preferred drink for the night.

Note: Please drink responsibly!

Alternate Your Drinks

If you are going to drink alcohol and not the low calorie type, then think about alternating your drinks. Have a beer and then opt for a drink soft drink next and then another beer if you want one. This is great for your weight loss, while also helping you enjoy your night. You won’t suffer the side effects from the alcohol as much, so you’ll remember how great the night was.

If you can, have a glass of water instead of the soft drinks. Alcohol dehydrates the body, so it is going to need more alcohol. This helps your health and weight loss in one.

Keep  Yourself Busy

Have a little game between your friends. Every time the other team scores, you have to do X amount of press ups. Whenever there is a break, you need to run around the garden. These are great ways to keep yourself busy and you throw in exercise on your Super Bowl Sunday.

There are other ways to keep yourself busy, such as preparing food or washing up during the breaks instead of leaving it to the next morning. They’re not as good for activity, but they’re better than nothing. You’ll feel the need to snack less than you would if you were just sat by the food.

Those are just a few ideas to help lose or maintain your weight during the Super Bowl. Enjoy your night and I hope your team wins (as long as it’s my team, that is! Hehe!)

Remember to check out for more food safety tips so you really enjoy your night.


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