Halloween Treats that Don’t Mean a Weight Gain

Copyright: Alexandria Ingham

I’m posting a day earlier than normal. In fact, I’ve just switched my schedule over from my writing blog that is usually updated on a Thursday—that will be updated tomorrow instead if you follow both!

I just had to get this post up today—I’ve wanted to do it for a few days but only just had the chance to make these delicious Halloween treats. Last week I posted about handling Halloween without a weight gain, so here are a few ideas.

Banana Ghouls and Tangerine Pumpkins

 Pumpkin Oranges and Banana Ghosts

I think this is doing the rounds but I love it! They’re so simple. All you need are some tangerine oranges and celery sticks to make the tangerine pumpkins. The celery sticks act as the pumpkin stalks.

For the banana ghouls, chop a banana in half and turn so the pointy side is facing up. Add two small chocolate drops for the eyes and then a larger one for the mouth.

They’re really quick, simple and healthy!

Monster Mouths

Copyright: Alexandria Ingham

I’ve had fun making these. They’re quick and delicious and just need apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows.

Just chop an apple into slices—you’ll need two slices per mouth. Then place 1tsp of peanut butter on the slices of apple and enclose mini marshmallows in between them. I chopped the larger marshmallows into thirds and then into four to make teeth for my mouths.

You can switch the marshmallows for slivered almonds if you prefer them.

Chocolate Mousse Graves

Copyright: Alexandria Ingham

Want chocolate for your Halloween treats? Well, try these chocolate mousse graves.

The chocolate mousse is probably the trickiest bit—if you want to cheat, go out and buy a mousse. I like to make my own.

75g dark chocolate
4tsp cocoa powder
4tbsp hot water
2 eggs (separated)
1tbsp caster sugar


1.       Melt the dark chocolate over a bowl of simmering hot water.
2.       Mix the cocoa powder and water to make a paste and then add to the melted chocolate. Remove from the heat.
3.       Beat the egg yolks and add to the chocolate and mix together. Place back on the heat to thicken.
4.       Whisk the eggs whites until stiff. Add in the sugar and beat until glistening.
5.       Remove the chocolate from the heat again and fold in the egg whites.

Pour the mousse into small dessert bowls, glasses or espresso cups—it makes up to six.

Sprinkle with some chocolate sprinkles or sugar balls in green and red to give a grass/mud look. For the headstone, just break a chocolate digestive biscuit into quarters and use writing icing for the RIP. Place so it sits in the mousse.

So, what do you think? Don’t you just love Halloween treats that won’t make you gain loads of weight? Some of these you can indulge in throughout the night, whenever the kids reach for their sugary treats.

Do you have any Halloween treats that are healthy? Feel free to share them or add a link to your own post in the comments below.


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