Tips for Enjoying Your Coffee On a Diet

Make losing weight and having a coffee easier to deal with

Have you ever tried to enjoy a tea or coffee on a diet? Whether you have it at home or you go out with friends, it can seem like hell trying to make it fit into your weight loss plan. A tea or coffee break is always seen as the time to have a treat—usually a biscuit or two (or the whole packet!) or a cake.

It is possible to enjoy your coffee on a diet. Yes, honest!

Here are a few tricks so your coffee break is still weight loss friendly.

Only Take the Number of Snacks Allowed for the Day

If it’s at work, limit yourself to only taking the amount of snacks you are allowed for the day. If you want others, take healthy ones with you. Vegetable sticks with a hummus dip or a handful of nuts are so much better than biscuits or cake.

Are the snacks readily available in the workplace? Keep them out of reach. You’re less likely to get up for another snack (and be seen doing it) than if they were just in reach. You can boost your weight loss with that simple tip!

Plan Ahead for the Day

No matter where you are, planning ahead for those coffees while dieting is essential. A regular coffee with skimmed milk isn’t going to make you gain weight, as long as you drink them in moderation for your health’s sake. But there are just so many different types of coffees now. Find out how bad each one is for you and plan your drinks throughout the day.

You can also plan for any snacks. You can plan if you’re going to have a biscuit or a slice of cake. You don’t have to say no but you really need to think about it before you quickly eat.

Arrange to Share a Treat

So you meet up with an old friend and she suggests you go to the coffee shop for a catch-up? While you really want to, you know that there are treats there and she will want one. You don’t want to ruin your weight loss efforts so what do you do?

Why not ask her to share a cake with you? There is nothing wrong with sharing that you’re losing weight, unless you currently look way too underweight!

Arrange Where to Go!

There are times that you just don’t have the points, sins or calories available for a specific place. You start to learn the coffee shops and cafes that are the best for your weight loss. Use this knowledge to your advantage and pick the place to go.

This is great if your co-workers want to go somewhere for lunch or you’re trying to arrange a business meeting in a coffee shop. It’s also great for that scenario above when you bump into an old friend.

You can get away with not making it clear you’re on a diet with this trick. You can just say you really like the place or you want to share your new favourite with them.

So, enjoy your coffee on a diet. Plan ahead and try to limit your snacking. Treat yourself but arrange to share it with friends if you can. If you’re really stuck, you pick where to go. When it’s in the house, just don’t have the snacks and then you can’t eat them!

Image credit: Anton Novojilov


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