How to Make a Weight Loss Meal Plan

If you have made the decision to lose weight, you will need to start thinking about changing your diet. Creating a weight loss meal plan is something that you should do to help you with your weight loss journey. Planning ahead with your meals is the best way to avoid the normal pitfalls – such as reaching for the hamburger when you work late instead of having some soup ready to defrost in the freezer.

The first stage is to think about what you like eating. This includes your McDonalds and the pizzas that you love to have with friends and family. Include everything that you love and then put a marker against those that are healthy. When you come up to unhealthy options, take your time to look at ways to make them healthy. You can make your own pizzas and burgers instead of relying on store bought and fast food joints.

You will need to make a meal plan for the whole week. This should include all of your meals and snacks. Some people will choose to have two snacks in between their meals, while others will add one on at the end of the night. There is nothing wrong with either one. You can have more meals during the day – it is all about the portions that you dish up.

Having snacks during the day is important to keep the metabolism going. Having three meals a day is also important for the exact same reason. By skipping meals, you will put your body into starvation mode. It will slow the metabolism down in a way to preempt not getting enough calories for the day to be able to do everything.

You need to think about the food that you are eating for each meal. For breakfast, it is important to start the day with some fuel. You need some carbohydrates in your breakfast to offer energy. Look out for whole wheat option for your breads and grains. You will also need to add some calcium, whether that is milk with your cereal or some milk to drink. You could even have yogurt with your cereal if you are not a fan of milk. Protein is something that you should add to your breakfast. It may seem difficult to get all of these into your breakfast so look at alternating them during the week.

If you have the perfect breakfast, your morning snack will not need to be big. A portion of nuts is a great option because they are full of fiber. Fiber is broken down much slower by the body, which means that you will have more energy during the day. Fruit is also a great option for a snack.

Lunch and dinner should be full of protein and vegetables. Salads, stews and soups are great options. You can easily put your own salads together the night before and then store them in the fridge or you can make soup and eat the leftovers. A healthy sandwich is also a great option for your lunch or dinner.


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