About Using a Weight Loss Calculator

A weight loss calculator is something to use when you are trying to count calories to lose weight. Creating a calorie deficit healthily is the best way of losing weight. This means that you need to burn more calories than you are eating every day. The food news is that a calculator for weight loss will help you in more ways than just calculating the calories that you have eaten.

What a Weight Loss Calculator Tells You

To start with, the calculator will help to calculate just how many calories your body needs. You need to eat a minimum amount just to be able to sleep and sit down. When you add more exercise and movement into your day, you will need more calories. A calculator will work out your needs based on your current BMI – which is determined with your height and weight. This is only an estimate.

You will need to check the labels to determine the amount of calories that you have eaten during the day. There are some foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, that have no labels so you will need to check the internet for that. Add these up during the day to make sure that you eat fewer calories than your body will burn.

As you create the calorie deficit, your body will take the calories from your body that have been stored up over the years. It is up to you to make sure that those calories come from the fat and not the muscles, which means that you need to do some exercise. This is also a great way to burn more calories too in case you have eaten too many one day.

How the Calculator Helps You

Something that a calculator will be able to help with is determining the food groups that the calories are coming from. You should not eat more than 30 percent of your calories from fatty products and should aim for 60 percent being from carbohydrates. The other 10 percent needs to come from protein. You will usually need the internet to help you work these figures out.

Once you know your calorie intake for the day, you need to start tracking what you eat. This was originally done in a notebook, where the food and calories in would be written down, along with the calories burned during the day. It is important to be sensible with this because this can become obsessive. The last thing you want to do is track so much that you develop an eating disorder.

Using Websites to Help With Tracking

There are websites that can help you and a calculator will also be useful. This will help you to put in the calories and add them on or take them away during the day. Websites also have the ability to help you track your food and exercise in a healthy way. The method that you choose is completely personal.

It is worth looking at a weight loss calculator to help you out. These are free and quick. Just remember to eat healthily while on your diet and keep up with exercise.


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