Tips for Getting More Activity When You Work a Desk Job

I work a desk job like so many other people. Mine is a bit more laid back (since I work from home) but I do a lot of sitting. Trying to get more activity can almost seem impossible.

But it’s really not. You can boost your activity levels on a daily basis and get to the point where you’re doing the 75-150 minutes a week (depending on the intensity) recommended by the experts.

How can you manage that? Well, I’ll tell you what I do.

Park Further Away

Whether you’re going for groceries or you drive to work, why not park further away from the building? You’ll need to walk more and that will soon help your steps increase. I do this all the time, especially when I’m on my own.

Parking further away means my car is also less likely to be dinged by others, because nobody wants to park too far away!

If you can completely get rid of the car, do it! One desk job I had, I would walk to work. It would be a 45 minute walk plus a 30 minute train journey vs. the 60 minute car drive but it was so worth it. Granted, I wouldn’t have done this as much if I had the kids, but living alone it was definitely viable. If you live close enough to walk, why not do it?

Get Up Often

Every hour I get up from the desk and have a walk around the house. It isn’t always much but it is something. Even if you work in a traditional office environment, get up and stretch for five minutes or so. Take a toilet break or find a reason to walk around the office—there’s always something.

You’ll actually be a more productive worker by taking a couple of minutes to stretch every hour, so your boss will benefit.

It’s also worth taking a long break away from sitting on your lunch. On ex-colleague went for a walk for her whole lunch break because she was fed up of sitting down all the time. She would only sit down for about 15 minutes to eat her lunch but would try to walk and eat where she could!

The more you move, the more steps you’ll rack up. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Split Up Your Workout

The experts say to do 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise a day. That’s great but where do we have the time?

If we’re not working, we’re running around after the kids, the spouse, and everyone else in our lives. How could we possibly make 30 minutes of time for ourselves?

Well, we can. By splitting up your 30 minutes! Try doing 10 minute bursts instead or even 5 minutes throughout the day. Your 30 minutes will be up before you know it!

I found some great short workouts available on Amazon. It really depends what you want to get from your exercise, but you could try Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer series for a full body workout.

See, you can get more activity when you work a desk job. Please don’t use it as an excuse. Moving more will help you lose more weight and focus on a healthier lifestyle.

Do you need more support to lose weight? Feel free to check out my Weight Loss Support Page on Facebook.


  1. I want to loose weight but not actively trying to.

    1. I'm not actively pushing for it right now. I want to be fitter and healthier right now. Once my eldest is at school next week I'll get back on with the weight loss.

  2. Good Ideas! I need to walk more, and do sit ups and push ups.... :)

    1. Sit ups and push ups help but remember they tone muscle and not just help to lose weight. I'm going a lot more of both those as I don't just want to lose weight but be fitter :) Walking is great for weight loss though.


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