Why I Love Not Having a Car Right Now

Ok, so this isn't going to last long but right now we don't have a car. We had to sell our old one when we moved country. We just haven't gotten round to going around dealerships and discussing financing with them.

Practically, we need a car. Canada isn't set up to be pedestrian friendly. While the buses are great, they're expensive. It would be cheaper to buy a car and get insurance if both of us have to take the bus! It'll get even worse next year when Monkey is 5 and we need to pay for her.

But there are so many benefits to not having a bus. Encouraging us to walk more is just one of those benefits. It's a lot harder now that I'm working again, but when we were looking for furniture, we were easily walking 10,000+ steps a day. One of the days we walked more than 20,000 steps!

This is so great for weight loss, especially as we're trying to save time on grocery shops. We're eating a lot healthier and getting in more fitness.

Once we do have a car, the walking isn't going to stop, but we will have to do things differently. I will be nice to have a car for a grocery shop, since we'll be able to buy in bulk instead. Right now we have to call my aunt if we do want to do a big shop, and we just don't like doing that. We're also not used to not having a car, since I've had one since I passed my test 9.5 years ago.

The benefit of not having a car though is that I'm not reliant on it. If I want to do a short trip, I have to walk. It's not taunting me, telling me I can cut the journey down. I'm encouraged to be fitter and healthier.

Do you have a car? Do you prefer to walk everywhere?


  1. We didn't have a car for the first year of our marriage. At that time we lived in West Los Angeles and there was bus transportation for most places we needed to go. I bought one of those little grocery carts and walked three blocks and back when I needed to go to the market. For recreation we walked to the second hand furniture store to browse. It was just a few blocks away, as was our favorite pizza place. It was only tough when we wanted to visit our parents. It took several transfers to get to them. They usually brought us back home. The bus took 2 1/2 hours to get to my parents.The return trip by car was under an hour unless traffic was terrible.

    When I was a child I walked everywhere, since we lived near the center of our small town. I could walk to any business, to church, to school, and to the library. Most everyday trips were made on foot until my second year of marriage.


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