Why the Weight Watchers Filling and Healthy Plan Works for Weight Loss

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This week, I’ve been speaking about Filling and Healthy. It’s one of the two plans on Weight Watchers, and leads to many questions about how it works to help with weight loss.

The whole point is to not track or point. You focus on the foods that are “filling and healthy”. These are the ones that are highlighted in green in the plan.

So, how does it work? How do you not need to worry about portion sizes but still lose weight?

The secret is in the food

Yes, really. It’s all about the food that you’re eating. These are foods that are high in fiber and protein and lower in fats and carbohydrates. No, it’s not the Atkins diet or anything like that. There are still some carbs, after all whole wheat pasta and bread are on the list. They’re just lower in the simple carbs that burn off in the body quickly.

The foods break down slower, so they take longer to leave the system. That means you feel fuller for longer. If you had a banana rather than a chocolate biscuit, you’ll find that you don’t need another snack as soon as you would have done if you made the other choice.

Self regulating foods

There is little risk of over-eating. The benefit of the Weight Watchers Filling and Healthy plan is that the foods are all self regulating. That means your body tells you when it has had enough.

You do need to listen to your body, though. Don’t eat until you are fit to burst. You want to be comfortably full. You’ll find it hard to over-eat anyway when on this plan.

Lower pro-point valued foods

Another benefit is that the majority of the foods are lower in pro-points. A lot of them are even zero pro-points because fruit and vegetables are on the list.

How great is that?

So, even if you eat lots of them,  you’re not likely to go over your pro-points allowance.

Could the Weight Watchers Filling and Healthy plan work for you? It could be something to consider if you hate the idea of tracking and pointing. It really does work for weight loss and the secret is all in the food you’ll eat.


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