My First Weight Watchers Class Alone

Image: Pixabay

I feel I need to apologize right now. This blog has been left on its own for a while. I’ve had so much going on between my freelance writing and Weight Watchers leader training. It’s left little time to write on the blogs that I love.

This is one of those blogs. I have wanted to share so much with you, but had so little time.

But I’m sitting down and writing out this post for you all. You see, last night I took my first Weight Watchers class all alone.

Up until now I’ve always had another leader around to get answers and support me. I’ve had someone there to help when I’ve completely lost the plot. That wasn’t the case last night.

I covered for another leader—in fact, my own leader!—because she was ill. I got the chance to meet new members and hear all about their success stories. It is always inspirational to hear about the success stories in classes, no matter how big or small they are. It was nerve-wracking at first, but I had so much fun doing it. This is something that I can see myself enjoying forever.

After that, I’m really looking forward to having my own classes. They start on January 6th in Blackwood, South Lanarkshire. Yes, Weight Watchers is coming to Blackwood! Those who want to lose weight after Christmas come along to my Tuesday morning class at 10am at Our Lady and St. John’s Church.


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