My Weight Loss Experiment: How Much Does the Weight Fluctuate Throughout the Day?

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I decided to do a little weight loss experiment over the last two days. I wanted to see how much the weight could fluctuate throughout the day and whether there were certain points in the day that I saw my weight increase or decrease.
This wasn’t to help my weight loss efforts. I wanted to do it more as a point to others that you need to stop obsessing over your weight! It’s best just to weigh in on a weekly basis to see if your diet and exercise plan is helping you.

The Times for My Weight Loss Experiment

There were specific times that I decided I would weigh myself to see the weight fluctuations through the day. I decided:

  • ·         First thing on a morning—before and after the toilet visit
  • ·         Before and after each toilet visit
  • ·         Before and after each meal
  • ·         Two hours after each meal
  • ·         Before going to bed

Why these timings? Well, before and after is to see whether the contents of the bladder would help to reduce the weight at all.
Before and after each meal should be obvious too. It’s to see if there is a difference after eating. Two hours after the meal was to see if there was a fluctuation as the food started to digest.

The first thing on a morning is because that’s when the weight is most likely to be at its lowest. The body has been through a fast overnight. Of course, I also wanted to counter that with a weigh-in before going to bed.

The Results of My Weight Loss Experiment

I found that there are fluctuations but not that much for me. My scales are in kilos, and most fluctuations were just one kilo at the most. The biggest was the jump from first thing in the morning to the first meal.

As soon as my body started receiving food, the weight went up. And I expected that. There wasn’t that much of a change two hours after the meal though. Of course, during the day there are other factors to think about too. These include:

  • ·         Amount of water drank
  • ·         Any exercise completed
  • ·         Stress and other hormones
  • ·         Any medication taken

Weight Fluctuations Are Normal

Please do remember that fluctuations in weight at perfectly normal. That’s why it’s so important to weigh yourself at the same time each week.

I’ve been a little off track lately. It’s been a struggle to make it to my weight loss classes and that’s led to a lull in my motivation. That’s changing from now thanks to the scales at home. I’m going to get back on track, lose my holiday weight gain (I’ve gained 5lbs) and then get back to goal and lower.

I want to be really happy with my figure by Christmas to celebrate a year at goal.

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