Friday, 26 July 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 39

This week I jumped on the scales and lost 2lbs. That's the weight gain from last week off plus a little extra. You can read more about it here:

This week's goal is to lose 2.5lb. I really want to get to that 3 stone mark. I reckon I'll lose 2lb and be 1/2lb off as that is usually the case but we'll see.

I've really upped my activity at the moment. I've managed an hour on the Wii Fit Wednesday and Thursday night. I'm still to finish work today but should get another hour done once my daughter is in bed! I'm really pushing for this goal...

Oh, after my 3 stone, I'll be 3.5lbs off being at a healthy BMI!!! That will be a major accomplishment and I will hopefully see it within the next month.

The Atkin’s Diet Review: Does It Really Help Lose Weight?

There are many diets out there and the Atkin’s Diet is one of them. I tried this for all of two weeks a long time ago and I think it’s about time I write my Atkin’s Diet review and tell you all why I’ve decided against it.

Remember that I want people to lose weight and be able to keep it off in the end. I want you to have a diet that is easily integrated into your life and it’s something I don’t think the Atkin’s Diet can offer.

What Is the Atkin’s Diet?

It’s often referred to as the diet that bans carbs. While it doesn’t completely ban the use of carbohydrates—your body needs them!—it does cut out the bad ones. Those that lead to high blood sugar and spikes in insulin.

It focuses on protein and fibre. Honestly, when the Weight Watchers program changed about two years ago, the Atkin’s Diet was what I thought it was going to turn into! Thank goodness it didn’t!

The idea behind the diet is that by cutting out the carbohydrates, your body has to get the energy from the fat that is stored. You burn more calories so you lose weight quicker. It has been through changes since I last tried it though and it seems much healthier and easy to fit into a lifestyle.

Atkin’s Diet Review: The Four Phases

There are four parts to the diet. The first is the kick start. You will lose a lot of weight during this stage but you’re likely to lose a large amount of weight in the first couple of weeks of any diet. It is extremely restrictive though, cutting out all of your carbohydrates, except 20 net grams of them and these should come from your vegetables!

Most people remain on Phase 1 for two weeks. The only exceptions are if you’re very close to your goal and you just want something to help kick start your shift of weight or you’ve got a large amount to lose and you want to shed a bit more quickly before moving onto Phase 2.

Phase 2 is the longest stretch and where you should lose around two pound per week. This is a healthy weight loss program now. The idea is to build up the amount of carbs that you eat until you find your tolerance level. Some will find that they can eat more than the recommended amount and still lose weight because of their metabolism.

Once you’re close to goal, you move onto Phase 3, where you gradually add in more carbs as you get ready to maintain your goal. Phase 4 is the maintenance, similar to Weight Watchers, which offers a great maintenance program and support.

Does the Atkin’s Diet Work?

For the majority of people, it will definitely help you lose weight. I did lost weight within the first couple of weeks that I tried it. My problem was how restrictive it is.

I don’t like being told that I’m not allowed to eat something. I like having the choice to choose one thing over another, which is what I love so much about Weight Watchers. If I’m told I can’t have something then that’s all I want.

I also found that it’s not the easiest to fit within a normal lifestyle. If you go to a restaurant, there will be things that you’re not allowed to eat and you could find yourself stuck at home all day. Sure, Phase 2 allows you to start adding more carbs but there are still issues with eating out.

Another thing that bothers me is the keeping the weight off. You still have to stick to the very restrictive diet. It’s not a real maintenance plan if you can’t make up all your own decisions.

That’s just my view though. Some people find that the diet really works and won’t agree with my Atkin’s Diet review. It’s worth trying to see if it does help you reach your goals but please remember to do it healthily!

What do you think about the Atkin’s Diet review? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts. Feel free to share and tell me why you do/don’t agree with my review.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Week 38

This week I put on a pound.

You can check out the full post right here:

How is your weight loss going? Feel free to comment and share your experience.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too When Dieting!

Dieting isn’t about skipping foods. Losing weight isn’t about foregoing all your favourite treats.

You really can have your cake and eat it when dieting!

What? I hear you shout. How can I still eat cake and lose weight? The truth is it is all about portion control. It’s about eating everything in moderation (and that includes the good stuff).

Here are my tips to help you have your cake and enjoy it while losing weight.

Don’t Buy the Big Ones

Buy the individual slices if you are going to have cake. This stops you from being tempted to have the rest of it. If it’s there you’re going to want it, right? You’re going to give in!

If you get the little cakes, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious goodness.

But what about cookies, biscuits and other treats? They usually come in big packets and it makes it harder. This is where you need to learn some self control and keep them out of reach! Put them in a biscuit tin and only take one or two at a time. Sit down to eat them and you’ll be less likely to go back and get more!

Make Your Own Cakes and Cookies!

Why buy the store ones? They’re full of fat, sugars and calories that you don’t need! You’ll get more gratification from something that you make yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a big cake or anything adventurous. Start off small with biscuits, cookies and muffins and work your way up. There are many great ideas to get you started. You can have fun decorating them and creating different flavours to work to your tastes.

Freeze the Treats

Something that I do with chocolate and some treats is put them in the freezer. It takes me longer to eat them and I’m less likely to have the whole packet. This is great with Haribo!

I really recommend this since you’re likely to only take a couple out of the freezer to eat instead of the whole packet. They’re also more refreshing. You can do it with all types of treats, including cakes (although you’ll have to wait for them to defrost to enjoy!).

See, you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s all about moderation. If you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’ll just want it more, so tell yourself you can have a bit at a time. You’ll soon lose weight without feeling you’ve missed out!

How are you finding your weight loss? Do you make your own cookies and cakes or do you use other tricks to have your cake and eat it too? Share in the comments below!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Weekly Weight Loss Weeks 36 and 37

For those who are still following my weekly weight loss posts, I'm sorry I didn't post anything last week. I did on Bubblews though!

Here's the links to the two posts:

Week 36 --

Week 37 --

Lately I've found that I have much more control when it comes to big events, which is so important for weight loss.

I'll keep posting links here but I encourage you to follow me on Bubblews for more timely updates.

Do Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss Really Work?

I do a lot of writing about weight loss. Not just on my blog; I do it for private clients. A topic that regularly comes up is appetite suppressants for weight loss.

I’ve often wondered whether they really work and have done my own research into them. I’m not just interested in how quickly someone can lose weight with them but how healthy that weight loss is; and whether it is possible to keep it off afterwards!

As Part of a Healthy and Balanced Diet

No company that makes appetite suppressants for weight loss claim that they’re all you need to lose weight. When you read the fine print, it always says to be used as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

This is really important to point out. If you don’t follow a healthy diet, even suppressing the appetite won’t help completely. You will still eat things that are bad for you and still risk eating too many calories.

It also isn’t healthy to not follow a balanced diet. The appetite suppressants work by making you feel less hungry. However, you still need to choose foods that are going to give your body all the calories and nutrients it needs. You need to choose proteins, good carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and fibre to live a healthy life.

Still Need to Get Exercise

You can’t expect appetite suppressants for weight loss to work if you’re not willing to put some effort in. As well as a healthy diet, you need to follow a good exercise programme.

This doesn’t have to be something you hate. I always recommend finding an activity that you enjoy, whether it is running around a park, swimming in your local pool or playing tennis with friends. Doing something you enjoy will help you stick to it for longer and get more benefit out of it.

Those who diet and follow an exercise regime are able to lose much more weight than those who do one or the other.

Check the Ingredients

You need to know how the pills work to suppress your appetite. There are some made from natural ingredients and are relatively good for you; however, there are others that are full of chemicals that cause hormone imbalances and other issues.

Always read the ingredients of your appetite suppressants for weight loss to make sure they give you the long lasting benefits. You don’t want to reach your goal weight to find out that you are now unhealthy in other ways because of the pills.

So, do appetite suppressants for weight loss really work? It all depends on how you use them. They can be beneficial, but they work best when used as part of a healthy and balanced diet and a good lifestyle.