Get Ready to Lose Weight This Christmas

It’s too close to Christmas, so I can’t start my weight loss yet.

Do you have any idea how much I have heard that over the last two weeks? If you don’t already know, I sometimes offer weight loss tips on Bubblews and so many people have been saying that it’s too close to Christmas and they won’t be able to have fun.

Well, guess what! You can have fun and lose weight this Christmas. Okay, I didn’t lose last Christmas but I only gained half a pound. That’s right—over the space of three weeks, I gained half a pound! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So, how can you do it? With these Christmas weight loss tips:

Plan Ahead and Prepare in Advance

Don’t leave it to the last minute. We’ve already made a list of the food that we’re having this Christmas. That means our Christmas food shopping list is already made up.

We won’t spend extra on things we don’t need, and we won’t gain weight because we’ve bought the chocolate boxes or bags of crisps.

However, just having the list isn’t good enough. You need to prepare in advance. It’s so important to do your food shop early. Last year I left it to Christmas Eve and it was a mad dash to get everything. This year, we’re going it a few days before; maybe even a week before. Most things will freeze, including the turkey!

If you plan and prepare and do everything in advance, you won’t be as tempted to pick up the sweets and treats.

Pro-Point Everything Now!

This applies to those who are on the Weight Watchers diet, like me. If you’re not on Weight Watchers, do what works for your particular diet.

Pro-point everything that you’re going to eat. So, make a note of the amount of turkey you can have and the potatoes, etc. You’ll soon find that you are stuffed to the brim, have had your dessert and are still on your way to lose weight this Christmas.

Don’t forget about the alcohol and those sweets, if you have them in the house. Most little chocolates are 1 pro-point each, but check for yourself to make sure.

If everything is pro-pointed in advance, you don’t have to worry about what you eat. You can pick something up and know just how much you’re using/wasting right there and then. It may make you think twice about having it.

It’s Just One Day

Christmas Day is just one day. Okay, some people spread it over into Boxing Day too. Guess what: two days is not going to make you pile on the pounds! I don’t even track my food on Christmas Day and I didn’t on New Year’s Eve last year, either.

There are high chances that you’re going to burn it off afterwards, anyway, and you may have even made up for it with all that planning and preparing in the days running up to it.

Make sure you do get right back on track the day after Christmas though.

Go for a Walk on Christmas Day

Everyone always argues about what they’re going to watch on Christmas Day. Make a change this year and don’t have the TV on at all. Instead, get out as a family after dinner. Not only will it stop you from falling asleep after all that arguing and missing your film, you will work off your dinner. Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas this year, and the kids can play out in the snow—and by kids, I mean us, of course!

If you’re not able to get out, have fun dancing around the house. Turn the radio on instead of the TV, or even play a few games. These are great family friendly activities.

Have fun and lose weight this Christmas. Yes, it really is possible. I’m aiming for it, since I don’t think I’ll be at goal now. Even if it’s just half a pound that you lose, you’ve lost and you’ve had fun!

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  1. It is my new year resolution to lose weight this year. Thanks for sharing this article. Merry Christmas to you in advance!

    Finn Felton

    1. You're welcome, Finn. Good luck with your New Year resolution.


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