Weekly Weight Loss Weeks 14 and 15

I realised yesterday that over the last couple of weeks I haven't posted my weight loss or updated my blog. In fact, I haven't updated any of my blogs! Shame on me! I am sorry; I've been working long hours and studying in between but I will start updating more regularly.

So, over the last two weeks I have lost 2lb. The first week I lost nothing so the weight loss has actually been from this week.

What Happened?

The first week, I deserved to have a gain at the scales and was very happy with staying the same. I didn't track anything that I hate and just pretended that everything was going to be fine. I was extremely exhausted. I know I shouldn't make excuses but my lack of tracking is the reason for not losing weight that week.

So I Changed That and Lost!

I knew I had to make a change and start losing weight again. Last week I tracked everything that I ate. However, I was still lucky to lose weight. I had actually eaten more than my propoints allowance would let me. I was doing really well up until Sunday and then the Superbowl happened. Even though I'm in the UK, I still watch it and we always have pizza and snacks out. I was -13 in propoints by Monday and had to try hard to claim them back through exercise (but that didn't happen).

On Track So Far This Week

My weigh-in isn't until Wednesday but so far I am on track. I still have 29 of my weekly propoints and there are no big things coming up over the next couple of days. Hopefully I will see another loss at the scales and will hit my target of losing that next half a stone. I'm hoping to have lost 2st. since starting Weight Watchers by my birthday on March 8!

How have you been the last couple of weeks? Hopefully a lot better than me! See you next week!


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