Saturday, 24 November 2012

Weekly Weight Loss Week 8

Week eight of my weight loss brought some surprising results. I lost 1/2lb.

Why is that surprising? I honestly thought I was going to put on weight after the week I've had so just staying the same would have been good; losing just 1/2lb is excellent for me. However, it has put on a lot of pressure to lose 1.5 stone from where I started by Christmas.

What Did I Do This Week?

I have to admit that this week was a stressful one and I eat when I'm stressed. I attempted to keep my snacking to healthy options but there were times when only chocolate would do. However, I made sure that everything was tracked so I knew how badly I did.

I kept the exercise up this week and got out more with my daughter. The Pedometre Plus is great to show me how much moving around I actually do - surprisingly much more than I thought, especially with the running up and down stairs.

What I Will Do Next Week?

Next week (well, more like this week now!) I will keep on tracking and not rely on comfort foods when I have a stressful day. So have I have been good. I've dipped into my weekly points every day but I've pointed everything I've eaten and made sure that I do not blow my allowance. Today is probably the only day that I will not dip into my weekly points after choosing lower pointed food and going back to having fruit and yogurt for my breakfast.

I will also get out more (when the weather is nice!) and do more exercise. The Wii Fit has been on most days and I've been out with the pushchair two days, easily building up my Activity ProPoints. This has given me more leeway if I do end up eating a little too much but if I don't dip into them it will help me lose weight quickly.

How is your weight loss going? Good luck to all those who have goals for Christmas. I have a wedding to go to on the 15th of next month and will be shopping for a new dress soon, so hopefully I'll be in a size smaller than some of the ones in my wardrobe!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekly Weight Loss Week 7

I'm a little confused how I'm on week 7 when my Weight Watchers book says week 8 - I must have missed a week somewhere. If so, I'm sorry! I'll stay on track for now.

This week I lost 2.5lbs!!! While the weight loss is great, I'm more excited at the fact that I've reached my second goal - losing 5% of my initial weight. I'm going to include a post on the benefits of losing 5% of your initial weight later this week.

How Did I Do It?

Instead of focusing on the benefits of losing the weight, let's talk about how I managed to get there. By the way, my total weight loss is 12lbs so far!

I tracked everything that I ate - including the takeaways and the chocolate - and did more exercise. The Wii Fit has been pulled out and I do it as much as I can. It's not a lot (two or three times a week) but at least it is a start. I'm having fun with it too. My Zumba disk will be pulled out later today, providing that the wee one decides to take her naps when she needs them!

We've also started to encourage nap time to be in the cot upstairs. I put my daughter in her cot, even though she's awake and leave her with her music playing. It means a few trips up and down the stairs through the day, especially when she decides that she wants to fight her sleep, but there is a benefit of running up and down the stairs a lot.

Just the tiniest bit of extra activity helps to burn the calories. I've got a Weight Watchers Pedometer Plus too, which now counts my steps and the amount of activity points I earn throughout the day.

What to Do This Week

Ok, I've actually posted this a little later than usual so it should be what I've been doing this week. Again, it's all about tracking and increasing my goal weight.

I've developed a new goal to work towards. Since Christmas is 6 weeks away (or was on Tuesday when I had my weigh-in) I've decided that I want to lost a stone and a half from my initial weight. I'm 12lbs in so I want to lose another 9lbs in the six weeks. That is possible and I should be able to complete it in the six weeks. it works out to be between 1lb and 1.5lbs per week.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Hopefully you are seeing the results that you have wanted to and are on your way to reaching your goals.

Good luck and keep going!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tips to Setting Goals for Weight Loss

Set sensible goals for weight loss. Image by Alan Cleaver

When you start losing weight, you need to have goals to reach for. Weight loss goals will give you something to work towards to help you stay motivated, even when you feel like packing it in after a bad week. Here are some top tips on setting your goals for weight loss.

Make Them Challenging

Having goals that are too easy will not give you the push that you need. You have to have a challenge so that you feel the achievement once you have reached it. You don’t need to have a goal each week, this is probably excessive and will not be as challenging. It is worth setting goals for each month.

Be Realistic

It is easy to set a challenging goal that is simply not realistic or healthy. When setting goals, bear in mind that a healthy weight loss is between 1lb and 2lb per week. Setting the goal to lose 10lb in two weeks is unrealistic and not healthy. It will be difficult to reach that goal in the first place, and you will feel like you have failed by not reaching it, and it will be difficult to keep that weight off afterwards. Slow and steady is always better than a quick weight loss.

Set Clothes Size and Measurement Goals Too

It is easy to be stuck on the idea that you need to lose x amount of lbs each week. However, it is difficult to know whether you will look good at a lower weight. I recommend setting goals for clothes sizes and measurements. I have a long term goal of getting into my size 12 (pre-pregnancy) jeans. This may not be my end goal but it is the current long term goal. Once I get into that, I will make the decision on whether I need to lose more weight or whether I look good.

It is worth remembering that muscle weighs more than fat – that is when you put fat and muscle together of the same size, the muscle will weigh more. By doing exercise, you will build muscle and you may see the figures on the scales slow or increase. Take your measurements and set goals that way as you will still see figures drop that way.

Set Short and Long Term Goals

A long term goal for weight loss is something to reach for over the period of six months to one year. However, it is easy to lose track of your weight loss by having this long term goal. You need to have short term goals along the way. I tend to have goals to reach 7lbs every four weeks or so and, between those, have goals to reach 5% of my initial weight and then 10% of my initial weight. This gives me milestones along the way.

I also set dress size goals between my weight loss goals. My weight loss goal for Christmas is to drop two dress sizes – I have already lost once since starting my weight loss after pregnancy. My goal for Easter is to drop another two dress sizes and by the summer I would like to be in my size 12 jeans.

Make Changes to Goals as You Go

There are times that you will struggle to reach a goal. You may have a bad week; your goal may have been unrealistic; or you may have lost track. Not reaching a set goal can make you feel like a failure. This is not the case; it just means that you need to look over your goals and make a few changes. You may find that you need longer to reach your goals or that you need to lower your weight loss challenge.

At the same time, you need to look over your goals even if you are reaching them. After a while, they can feel like they are too easy, which will lead to losing the motivation to continue. Keep your weight loss goals challenging but realistic at the same time.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Weekly Weight Loss Week 6

This week I couldn't attend my meeting. I went to visit the in-laws Tuesday afternoon and only returned home today. However, that doesn't mean that I didn't weigh myself. Using the scales on the Wii Fit, I lost...


Something tells me that that isn't right. The scales on the Wii Balance Board must be out slightly but it does show that I possibly have lost weight this week.

What Did I Do This Week?

The same as I do every week - why change something that works? I always track everything and eat all my propoints. I did a little more exercise this week by getting out and about. Batteries are in the Wii Balance Board now so I can start doing stuff but I haven't really had the chance - the little one keeps me on my feet!

What Will I Do This Week?

We still had "pig-out night" on Tuesday. In fact, the in-laws looked after our daughter for the night so we were able to enjoy a meal out without her. We lasted all of two hours. It really is amazing how much babies take out of you!

The diet went a little off track yesterday with it being Halloween. I hardly tracked and when I did track, I realised that I had eaten all my daily propoints and the majority of my weekly propoints! Oops! However, I did go on the Wii Fit for 45 minutes while at the in-laws'. I'm feeling it today too - it's amazing how much the boxing on the Wii Fit really works!

I'm getting ours out definitely this week and also order Zumba for the Wii. As much as I would love to get out to the swimming pool or the gym, the only chance I have is when my partner gets home so he can look after the little one but the cold and dark nights make me want to stay in. At least with the Nintendo Wii I can stay in and still do exercise.

How is your weight loss going? Hope you are burning those calories and on your way to reaching your goal. I should have said but my goal was to reach 1 stone by Christmas and I am on my way. Good luck!