Weight Loss Week 1

I lost 4lbs this week at Weight Watchers. This was amazing to see on the scales since I knew that I had a bad week (already!) due to my brother-in-law’s 21st birthday meal (Mexican and then chocolate cake afterwards). The good news is that you can lose weight even with a life and being able to enjoy these meals.

Tips to Have that Weight Loss

When you know that you have an event coming up, it is worth planning ahead. On Weight Watchers, I know that I have 32 propoints per day and 49 weekly propoints. Because I knew that we had a birthday meal at the end of my Weight Watchers week, I made sure that I had saved enough of my weekly points to use – although I still dipped into my points if I needed to throughout the week for small things. Planning ahead meant that I didn’t go over my propoints.

I also made sure that I tracked everything that I ate. I have the Weight Watchers app on my iPhone, which makes it easier for me, but all you need is a notebook to track anything that you eat and drink. The good thing about tracking is that you can see what you eat on a regular basis and look back to see how your diet has changed.

It is also important to get active to see a weight loss each week. It is difficult for me to get to the gym or the swimming pool like I used to with a baby but my little one doesn’t let me stop! At the Weight Watchers meeting last Tuesday, we were all asked to track the amount that we sat and the amount that we were doing something active – including just walking around or doing the housework. When I really thought about it, I hardly spend time sitting down even though I work from home! I’m either walking around the house with my baby girl to settle her or up and about doing the housework. This definitely helped me lose weight this week.

But That Wasn’t a Healthy Weight Loss!

I always say that losing more than 2lbs a week isn’t healthy. 4lbs is a lot to lose in one week but this was my first week back onto Weight Watchers. The majority of the weight lost in the first week is water retention. I may have another big loss next week but there are chances that I will go down to 1-2lbs per week after this. Losing more than 2lbs per week on a regular basis is unhealthy but every now and again is not the worst thing in the world.

How are you doing with your weight loss? If you are struggling, then look at what you eat and the amount that you are active. Plan ahead and track, track, track; you will b surprised by the amount of weight you lose by doing those to simple things.


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