How to Lose Weight Running

Losing weight successfully is about mixing a healthy diet with exercise. Going on a specific diet without changing your lifestyle will not help you lose weight and keep it off. There are a number of types of exercises that you can do to lose weight and one of the most effective options is to go running. The question is how you can lose weight running, especially as a beginner.

Take It Slow

The last thing you want to do is cause yourself an injury so if you are new to running, take it slow. Concentrate on being out for a set amount of time, whether that is 10 minutes or 30 minutes, and to keep moving. Some people find that they can run or jog the whole time while others will need to walk for some of it. Eventually, you will be able to lose weight running constantly for the duration that you initially set.

Mix the Type of Training

There are different types of training that you can do when it comes to losing the weight by running. The first and the most common option is a steady state run. This is a run at the same pace for the whole duration. It is usually done at 60% effort and commonly lasts for 20 minutes or more. This helps to build up stamina and endurance. As you get better at this type of running, you will find that you will be able to run for longer and will need to so that you successfully lose weight running.

The second type is interval training. This is when runners will sprint at maximum effort for a short amount of time and then jog or walk for a set amount of time. This process is repeated for a set number of times. It is extremely effective to help with losing weight since it will increase the heart rate and lower it in a short amount of time. This helps to burn calories while resting as well as while running. As you get better at interval training, you will be able to do more repetitions, sprint for longer or walk for a shorter period of time.

Another option is known as hill repetitions. This is similar to interval training but instead of being on flat ground, the sprint is completed up a hill and the walk back down it. The more practice you do, the quicker you will be to get up the hill and the more repetitions you will be able to complete uring a session.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Before and after any exercise session it is important to warm the muscles up and cool them down, respectively. This will help to increase the amount the muscles are able to stretch and will aid with avoiding injury. The majority of the warming and cooling down will need to be done on the legs but it is also important to think about the hips and the shoulders as these joints will move continuously while attempting to lose weight running.

Running is a high intensive sport and can take people time to get into it. It is possible to run on a treadmill but the best thing to do is get out and run outside; this could be around a park or the block. If you are new to running, it is worth taking it slow and building up the endurance and capability to avoid any injury while trying to lose weight running.


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