Cautious Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Being a teenager can seem like a difficult time and being a teenage girl means a lot of hormones and a lot of changes. One of those is weight gain, which can seem like the end of the world. The problem is that there are so many magazines and TV shows that promote the size 0. It leads to many teenage girls looking for weight loss tips.

You May Not Need to Lose Weight!

The first thing that you should do is think about your size and shape. Asses how big you are and look at where you think you need to lose the weight from. Everybody is different and there is nothing wrong with your shape – in fact, you should accept it and work around it. It is possible that you are a pear shape, apple shape, straight up and down or top heavy. You may also be tall or petite.

Knowing your shape means that you can work on your most “problematic” areas. Maybe you think that you need to lose more from your thighs and your hips, or maybe you need to lose more from your middle. This is a great way to determine the type of exercises that you need to do. Running, jogging and kickboxing will help with making your legs and hips smaller while aerobic workouts and abdominal exercises will help with your middle area.

Do Not Crash Diet!

You should avoid crash dieting, which involves cutting out nutrients and food groups. These are extremely limiting and dangerous for your body – remember that you are still growing. Because of this, you need to look at healthy eating plans. Cut down on the amount of fat that you eat and concentrate on the protein, carbohydrates and fiber that you eat. Fiber and protein are two of the best options because they will be broken down slowly and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

When it does come to fat, it is worth looking at the type of fat that you are eating. There are some that are healthier than others. Unsaturated fats are much healthier than saturated fats. Keep an eye out on the packets of butter that you buy and look out for the popcorn that you eat. There is nothing wrong with having popcorn when you go to the movies, but opt for the non-buttered type as a healthier option.

Talk To Your Parents

Cut down on the amount of calories that you are eating. However, before you start doing this, talk to your parents. They need to know that you are trying to lose weight and this will give them the chance to help you. This will also help you stay healthy while losing weight, instead of being at the risk of developing an eating problem or disorder.

When it comes to weight loss tips, it is important to focus on healthy foods that you should always eat. When it comes to snacks, look out for healthy options instead of high sugar ones. While there is nothing wrong with everything in moderation, a handful of nuts will help you more than a packet of crisps. Fruit and vegetables are also great and are low in calories. They will also help your body in ways other than losing weight.


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