The Original Slimming World Plan

As I promised, I was going to cover the way that Slimming World worked, which would then help people decide whether this was a diet for them. Just to let people know, I did try it for one week and weighed in this week only to find out that I’d put on two pounds (not the way that I wanted to go), which still makes me wonder how this “diet” works.

This is going to be covered in two to three posts to keep it readable and interesting.

How Slimming World Works

If you’re still thinking that this is something for you – and it may well be (not all diets will work for everyone) – there are a few things that you should know about the diet. First of all, there are a few foods that you can eat for free. This means that there are no points (syns as SW calls them) in them. You can eat as much as them as you want throughout the day and should still be able to lose weight.
There are other foods that do have syns but are something that you should aim to get into your diet each day. You are allowed a certain amount without having to point them in your food diary. After you have had that amount, you need to add up the points (even just for a drop of milk).

The Plan Choices

There are three plans that you can follow on the SW diet. The first is the Original Plan. This is how SW started out and is still a popular plan for many people. You can follow this plan by itself or you can mix and match throughout the week. Most people who have been on the SW for a number of years will tell you that mixing is possibly the best thing for you.
With the Original Plan, you can eat as much meat, poultry and fish as you want. There is no need to point them as long as it is all lean meat; that means no fat on the meat and no skin on the poultry. You can also have as many eggs as you want and have the option of having up to two choices on the A and B menu.

The A and B Menus

The A and B menus are your dairy and whole grains. It’s up to you what you have. You can have a certain amount of milk twice a day or have cheese instead to get your dairy. For those who like cereal and bread, you can have up to two lots from the B menu too. More information is explained in the plan.

This does sound confusing at first, which is possibly why the first week is hard. However, everything is explained in the books that you are given in your first meeting. You can also call or email your leader as much as you want to make sure that you’re doing it right.
Coming soon…the second option for SW.


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