Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tips to Lose Weight Successfully

When it comes to losing weight, everyone has their off days. There is nothing wrong with having a day where you just want to sit around doing nothing – you just need to constrict it to one day and then draw a line underneath it. The problem is that if you do not give yourself that day, you will start to regret your diet. That is just one of the following tips to help lose weight.

Eat All Meals

Never ever skip a meal, especially breakfast. People on a diet believe that by skipping a meal, it means that they are cutting down on the calories. While that is the case, you will be putting your body into starvation mode. If you do not get the food that your body expects, the metabolism will slow down and you will find that you burn fewer calories than you would if you ate all of your meals.

Breakfast is one of the worst meals that you can skip. The problem is that through the night, your body is going through a fasting period. It will need breakfast to pick the metabolism back up and help with the day of activities. You do not need a lot. A bowl of porridge oats is a great option because it is full of fiber and will keep you going until lunch.

Snack Healthily

There is nothing wrong with snacking during the day. In fact, snacking during the day is recommended. Before you start reaching for the chocolate bar, you need to think about what you are snacking on. Opt for low calorie snacks that are healthy. Fruit and vegetables are great options. They are full of vitamins and minerals and ingredients that are released slowly. High fiber or high protein snacks are also great to help between meals.

If you stop yourself from snacking, there are high chances that you will go against your diet. The problem is that you will feel hungry and then feel like you are giving up food. This is the worst thing for the emotional aspect of the diet, since it will make you believe that there is no point in following a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life.

Water and Sleep

Drinking plenty of water is the next tip and is one that will help you to stop eating out of boredom. When you get bored, you will start snacking but that does not mean that you are hungry. Instead of doing that, reach for a glass of water. This will help to stop the food cravings and will also keep your body hydrated.

Getting plenty of sleep will also help you stick to your diet. This is because you will feel more refreshed and willing to try new things. You will have the energy to cook your own meals and will have the motivation to get out and do some exercise. Sleep is also great for the body’s immune system, so you will be able to fight off viruses better and prevent yourself from getting ill.

The above are just a handful of tips to help lose weight. There are plenty more, including using visual props to help you lose weight and weighing yourself regular. The good news is that these tips will also help you keep the weight off once you have succeeded.

Friday, 30 March 2012

The Importance of a Realistic Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Having a realistic meal plan for weight loss is extremely important. This is the only way that you are going to stick to your diet and lose weight and it will help you lose weight the healthy way. The problem that may people find is that a realistic meal plan means that the weight drops off slowly. Bear in mind that this means you will find that it is easier to keep the weight off afterwards.

Benefits of a Meal Plan

The main benefit of having a meal plan is that you can follow it day by day. There is something there to help you stay motivated and determined. There is something there to help you take every step, without the need to find meals that you can cook or throw together.

The meal plan will also help you to make the choices when it comes to snacks and will make sure that you are fully satisfied. This is extremely important when it comes to diets. If you are not satisfied then you will not want to stick to the diet and it will force you to lose the motivation on your diet.

Restrictive Weight Loss Meal Plans

A good meal plan will not be restrictive. It will not stop you from going out with friends and will not stop you from living your life. This is something else that is important when you are on a diet. Being restricted to certain foods and not being able to go out and have fun will just lead to you want to give up on the diet.

However, a meal plan will not only help you lose weight and it is important to look into the details of the meal plan. It can be easy to quickly type in “meal plan” online and expect to find something but many of these are crash dieting plans, which will limit nutrients and food groups. This is something that you should avoid as much as possible.

The meal plans that are restrictive will help you to lose weight quickly but that is never a good thing. The quicker you lose the weight, the quicker you will put it back on. The problem is that you are limiting food from your diet instead of changing the way that you think about food. A realistic meal plan will help you make changes so that you can stick to them once you have lost weight.

Having an Exercise Plan Is Important Too!

While also looking for a meal plan, you will also need an exercise plan to help you lose weight. This will help you to ensure that the calories from your fat are used and not the calories in your muscles – which are easier to get to. Exercise will also help you burn more calories to help you lose more weight healthily.

A meal plan for weight loss needs to be realistic. If it is not realistic then you will not stick to your diet. You will need to look for one that involves all of the needed food groups and allows you to make your own choices and change your eating habits.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

About Using a Weight Loss Calculator

A weight loss calculator is something to use when you are trying to count calories to lose weight. Creating a calorie deficit healthily is the best way of losing weight. This means that you need to burn more calories than you are eating every day. The food news is that a calculator for weight loss will help you in more ways than just calculating the calories that you have eaten.

What a Weight Loss Calculator Tells You

To start with, the calculator will help to calculate just how many calories your body needs. You need to eat a minimum amount just to be able to sleep and sit down. When you add more exercise and movement into your day, you will need more calories. A calculator will work out your needs based on your current BMI – which is determined with your height and weight. This is only an estimate.

You will need to check the labels to determine the amount of calories that you have eaten during the day. There are some foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, that have no labels so you will need to check the internet for that. Add these up during the day to make sure that you eat fewer calories than your body will burn.

As you create the calorie deficit, your body will take the calories from your body that have been stored up over the years. It is up to you to make sure that those calories come from the fat and not the muscles, which means that you need to do some exercise. This is also a great way to burn more calories too in case you have eaten too many one day.

How the Calculator Helps You

Something that a calculator will be able to help with is determining the food groups that the calories are coming from. You should not eat more than 30 percent of your calories from fatty products and should aim for 60 percent being from carbohydrates. The other 10 percent needs to come from protein. You will usually need the internet to help you work these figures out.

Once you know your calorie intake for the day, you need to start tracking what you eat. This was originally done in a notebook, where the food and calories in would be written down, along with the calories burned during the day. It is important to be sensible with this because this can become obsessive. The last thing you want to do is track so much that you develop an eating disorder.

Using Websites to Help With Tracking

There are websites that can help you and a calculator will also be useful. This will help you to put in the calories and add them on or take them away during the day. Websites also have the ability to help you track your food and exercise in a healthy way. The method that you choose is completely personal.

It is worth looking at a weight loss calculator to help you out. These are free and quick. Just remember to eat healthily while on your diet and keep up with exercise.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to Make a Weight Loss Meal Plan

If you have made the decision to lose weight, you will need to start thinking about changing your diet. Creating a weight loss meal plan is something that you should do to help you with your weight loss journey. Planning ahead with your meals is the best way to avoid the normal pitfalls – such as reaching for the hamburger when you work late instead of having some soup ready to defrost in the freezer.

The first stage is to think about what you like eating. This includes your McDonalds and the pizzas that you love to have with friends and family. Include everything that you love and then put a marker against those that are healthy. When you come up to unhealthy options, take your time to look at ways to make them healthy. You can make your own pizzas and burgers instead of relying on store bought and fast food joints.

You will need to make a meal plan for the whole week. This should include all of your meals and snacks. Some people will choose to have two snacks in between their meals, while others will add one on at the end of the night. There is nothing wrong with either one. You can have more meals during the day – it is all about the portions that you dish up.

Having snacks during the day is important to keep the metabolism going. Having three meals a day is also important for the exact same reason. By skipping meals, you will put your body into starvation mode. It will slow the metabolism down in a way to preempt not getting enough calories for the day to be able to do everything.

You need to think about the food that you are eating for each meal. For breakfast, it is important to start the day with some fuel. You need some carbohydrates in your breakfast to offer energy. Look out for whole wheat option for your breads and grains. You will also need to add some calcium, whether that is milk with your cereal or some milk to drink. You could even have yogurt with your cereal if you are not a fan of milk. Protein is something that you should add to your breakfast. It may seem difficult to get all of these into your breakfast so look at alternating them during the week.

If you have the perfect breakfast, your morning snack will not need to be big. A portion of nuts is a great option because they are full of fiber. Fiber is broken down much slower by the body, which means that you will have more energy during the day. Fruit is also a great option for a snack.

Lunch and dinner should be full of protein and vegetables. Salads, stews and soups are great options. You can easily put your own salads together the night before and then store them in the fridge or you can make soup and eat the leftovers. A healthy sandwich is also a great option for your lunch or dinner.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Can I Diet While Pregnant?

For women who are losing weight, the question may come up “can I lose weight while pregnant?” or “is it safe to lose weight while pregnant?” There are women who want to continue on their diet while carrying a baby but the general rule is not to do it. This is a special time and your body will need all of the nutrients that it can get.

How Much Weight Should I Put On During Pregnancy?

In fact, when it comes to pregnancy, you should be putting on weight. Your body will get larger – especially around the stomach and chest area – but this is normal. Nobody will judge you for putting a few pounds on while you are expecting a baby. Those in their normal BMI range should put on between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancy – and that is just for those carrying one baby.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help to limit the amount that you are putting on. Yes, exercise is safe while pregnant, depending on the type that you do. Since I am expecting my first child, I will be putting up a blog in due course relating to pregnancy and answering some of the common questions that women have while expecting a baby – based on the questions that I have been asking my midwife and searching online for.

There are some diets that allow you to continue while you are expecting. Slimming World offers a pregnancy plan, which is designed to watch the amount of weight that you are putting on and not designed to help you lose weight while pregnant.

Putting the Weight On

You may be one of the few who suffer from morning sickness so much that you are losing weight. I hardly put any weight on in my first 10 weeks because the morning sickness was that bad – I just couldn’t stomach the thought of eating anything. This may be worth talking to your midwife or doctor about, especially if you are struggling to keep liquids down as well as food.

There are others who will constantly want to eat during their pregnancy. I know I have now gotten to the stage where I have to have a big lunch because I get so hungry during the day. However, I make sure it is a healthy lunch with plenty of salads. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a healthy eating plan but dieting shouldn’t be your main concern.

Getting Rid of the Weight Afterwards

Of course, every pregnant woman wants to avoid piling on too much weight and wants to know how soon they will lose weight after pregnancy. The 25 to 35 pounds that you should put on (for a normal BMI; this is higher for those underweight and lower for those overweight) will be a mixture of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid, along with water retention. This weight will usually disappear relatively quickly.

Losing excess weight after your pregnancy should be done carefully and slowly, especially if you are breastfeeding. Your baby will run you down quickly – she will wake you up in the middle of the night; need your attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and you will need to get everything else done around the house – and by losing weight quickly, you will find yourself with very little energy to do anything.

Again, a healthy diet and exercise is the best option for you and it will help you get over your baby blues and avoid post natal depression. There are a number of diet plans that have a breastfeeding plan for mums, including Slimming World and Weight Watchers.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and don’t worry too much about the weight that you are gaining. Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you get the nutrients that you need and this should be more important than trying to lose weight and keep it off!