Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

You’re eating healthily and doing exercise, but you’re still not losing weight. What’s the problem? There are a few reasons why you still may not be losing weight.

Before we get into them, it’s important to tell you not to be discouraged. We’ve all been there. It’s normal to be frustrated, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your diet plan isn’t working.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

You’re Eating Too Much

Just because you’re eating healthily doesn’t mean you’re not eating too much. You can still overeat on fruit, salads and everything else you think is “low fat.”

Remember you need to create a calorie deficit. All foods have calories; some fewer than others. You also need to think about the natural sugars in things.

If you’re eating five packets of grapes a week (yes, people do it!), you’re not getting the balanced diet and you’re eating way more than your body needs. It’s important to instil some portion control, and stop thinking about foods as free. They’re just lower in calories/points/syns (whatever system you follow).

You’re Not Eating Enough

It seems strange, but you may not actually eat enough food on a daily basis. This is especially the case if you’re exercising.

Your body needs a certain amount of calories. If it doesn’t think it will get them, the metabolism slows down to use fewer calories during the day. You end up not burning as many as you think you should. You need to kick start your metabolism again by eating more.

Even if you’re not exercising, not eating enough puts your body into starvation mode. It clings onto the calories in case it doesn’t get enough later in the day or in a few days time.

Think about the amount you’re doing, and assess whether you can increase your calorie intake or not.

It Will Show Next Week

Have you suddenly started doing more exercise? You may find that you don’t lose this week. You could even end up gaining weight!

Oh the shock and horror! I got really frustrated when I saw this happen. You try so hard, and it just doesn’t come away.

Well, it will likely show up next week, or maybe the week after. It takes time for the body to adjust.

You may actually see the inch losses instead. Get a tape measure out and track your waist and hip sizes.

If you do a lot of exercise, it could be muscle gain. Muscle weighs more than fat—as in the same density of muscle will weigh more than that same density of fat.

It’s That Time of Month/Medical

Hormones fluctuate (yes, even in men). Medicine, illnesses, changes in the air and the monthly cycle all affect them.

For women, it could be coming up to that time of the month. Your body is likely to retain water just before and during, and you start craving the unhealthy foods. It’s perfectly normal. Take a look at your weekly weight losses and you’ll probably see a cycle. I know I do. Every four weeks I either put on, stay the same or have a very small loss. The week after I always have a good loss (usually losing whatever I put on and much more!).

It’s a Sneaky Weigh-In

Don’t be tempted to weigh yourself more than once a week. And always stick to the same time and day for your weigh-in.

Your body weight fluctuates throughout the week, and can fluctuate by as much as 5lbs! If you weigh yourself a few days earlier, at a different time, you could find a 5lb weight gain. Do you really want to worry about gaining that much weight? It could put you off sticking to the diet of the rest of the week, and then you really will be in trouble.

Don’t be tempted. Stick to your normal schedule and you get a better look at whether you’re losing or not.

The only time to switch is if you really need to one week. I tend to stick to the same time as it gives a better idea.

Still wondering why you’re not losing weight? There are a lot of reasons, but the ones mentioned above are the most likely. Good luck on your weight loss journey! It is possible.

Have you had experience of not losing weight? Why not share your tips below and help others get back on track.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

4 Reasons Changing Your Exercise Routine Helps You Lose Weight

It's time to try something different for exercise.

Are you struggling to lose weight? It could be your current exercise routine. You need to make some changes to your exercise routine if you want to lose weight.

Why though when you’re so happy with your exercise routine?

Ask yourself: are you really that happy with your routine as it is at the moment? Is it really doing your body any good? Here are four reasons to change your routine so you lose more weight.

It Stops Your Body Getting Used to Exercise

Your muscles are able to remember everything you do. It takes less time to repair afterwards if you don’t increase the amount you do or push your muscles further.

But surely a shorter recovery time is good.

Well, it does mean you’re getting fitter, but it doesn’t do your body any good overall. You’ll never push past where you currently are in your fitness levels, and it isn’t going to help you lose weight.

You shouldn’t get to the point where there isn’t any pain after your workout. You should feel your muscles ache for a few hours afterwards to know that you’ve pushed yourself harder.

Stop Yourself Getting Bored

Are you really that happy with your current exercise routine? Chances are you’re not! As your body gets used to it, your brain will get used to the monotony of each movement you make. When you get bored, you stop putting the effort in and you could even skip sessions altogether.

You need to shake it up a little, and give yourself something different to do. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just running your lap in the opposite direction could be enough as you give your brain something new to take in!

Doing something different makes you think you’ve worked harder. You’ll soon find you want to put more effort in too, so you really do work harder.

Target Different Body Parts and Muscle Groups

As you settle into an exercise routine, you’ll find yourself targeting the same muscle groups and body parts over and over again. This is doing nothing for your fitness levels or your weight loss.

When you change your routine up a little, you’ll start targeting new muscle groups. It could be focusing on the side muscles instead of your upper abs or building your calves instead of your thighs. Just the slightest change can make all the difference.

Find Something New and Exciting

You never know what exercises you’ll love if you don’t try them. When you change your exercise routine, you get the chance to try something new and different. You could find a new sport that you absolutely love to play, or an exercise that you never thought you’d enjoy.

Finding something new that you love is always great for your weight loss. It goes back to the point of not being bored. You are more likely to stick to your exercise routine, and then lose weight.

Are you ready to change your exercise routine? You’ll really find it helps boost your weight loss efforts.

Why are you changing your exercise routine? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Four Tips to Lose Weight This Easter—and One I Really Love!

It's time to succeed with your weight loss even over the holidays

Easter is just around the corner. You’ve probably already seen all the chocolate eggs, Lindt bunnies and chocolate treats. It can be such a hard time of year for those wanting to lose weight.

It’s time lose weight this Easter, and you will with these four tips. This first one is my most favorite of all.

Split It Up Into Portions

Start by opening all the chocolate eggs, treats and everything you’re given and split them up into allowed portion sizes. You’ll need a few sandwiches bags for this, and it can be tempting to start with but you’ll love it when you know you have ready to grab portion sizes of treats.

But how do you handle it when it’s all broken up? Put it all in the freezer! Not only is the chocolate out of sight, but it will make it last longer when it comes to eating.

Save Chocolate for Dessert Only

Make a rule that the chocolate you do have is for dessert only. When it comes to snacks, focus on healthy and filling options.

This is a great way of bringing some control to your diet. You’re not saying a definitely “no,” you’re just saying “not right now.” You will have something to look forward to at the end of the night when you’ve had your dinner.

Get your children to follow suit, so they learn the same control. It will set them up well for the future.

Share the Treats With Others

Did you get a big Lindt bunny as a present? Instead of getting annoyed, open it up and share it with the person who bought it for you or with others in your family.

You get to eat some of the treat without completely blowing your diet.  It really is possible to lose weight this Easter. The people close to you also feel extra special because you are sharing something delicious. You’re not missing out by sharing. The relationships you’re nurturing is way worth it!

Do More Exercise—the Fun Way!

Get more exercise into your day. This makes up for the extra calories you will be eating.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym. It’s Easter and the weather is getting warmer. Take a hike with friends or have a run around on the beach with your kids. There are so many fun things that you could be doing.

Easter is supposed to be a fun time, and you can treat yourself. Hopefully the four tips above help you see it is possible to lose weight this Easter. If you need more tips, check out last’s years post offering even more ways to handle this fun season.

Do you have other ways to lose weight this Easter? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

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