Thursday, 24 September 2015

3 Tips to Be More Positive

Did you know that your thoughts and feelings affect your weight loss? That probably isn’t a surprise to many of you.

Emotional eating is a problem. Whether you’re upset, angry or stressed, it’s really easy to give in to cravings for junk food. While the cravings may not disappear, just being more positive in your life could help you curb giving into those temptations.

Being more positive will help you in other ways too, which will also help your weight loss. Here are 3 tips to be more positive in your life.

Find the Silver Lining

Focusing on the negative problem isn’t going to do you any good. It just makes you feel worse, and you’re more likely to give into those negative callings.

It’s time to find the silver lining.

So your car has broken down. It might mean more money spent, but it also means you get out walking more. So, the scales said you’d gained a pound. What are other’s saying about your shape and how far have you come already? What exercise did you do this week and how have your dress sizes changed?

Focusing on something positive and avoid undoing all the good you’ve done so far.

Some successful people actually have a book to write down positive and negative thoughts. They use red pen to write out the bad feelings and then under that combat with a positive outcome.

Get Out and Exercise More

Exercise helps to boost your mood. I can personally vouch for this. Whenever I feel stressed or annoyed, 30 minutes in the pool or an hour in the gym has always helped me feel better about myself.

Try exercising more. The colder nights are drawing in right now, but that doesn’t mean all exercise has to come to a halt. Pick up home workouts or invest in a gym (just make sure you go). You’ll be surprised at how much more positive you feel.

By doing more exercise, you’ll also want to avoid eating or drinking the unhealthy stuff. You don’t want to undo all the good work you’ve just done!

Exercise is recommended to those who suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s also great for the overall health.

Be Grateful for the Things You Have

There are plenty of people out there who don’t even have a roof over their head. Instead of focusing on the stuff you don’t have or don’t think you can achieve, be grateful for the things that you do have. They could be things you take for granted or big things that have happened in your life.

Some of the most successful people start the day by being grateful for 10 things in their life. Others like to focus on 10 things throughout the day, and will put a coin in a jar each time they are grateful for something.

You’ll soon realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem. And then the more positive you are, the more determine you will be.

It’s about time you got yourself in the right mindset. Being positive is the mindset you want when it comes to weight loss. You will find it much easier to achieve.

Friday, 18 September 2015

How to Use More Pro-Points Without Eating More

When you join Weight Watchers, you get a pro-points allowance. The more you weigh, the taller you are, the younger you are and if you’re male, you’re going to have a higher allowance.

This can seem great at first, but then it comes to trying to eat all your allowance. Just how to do you do it, without having to eat too much? What do you do when you have pro-points left over and you’re just stuffed?

It happens. It doesn’t mean it has to be a problem. Here are my top tips to manage this.

Switch to Filling and Healthy

Remember that Weight Watchers has a Filling and Healthy plan. Some members with higher pro-points allowances find that opting for this approach is better for them.

You just have to eat until you’re comfortably full. The best part is you focus on foods that are not just filling and delicious, but they’re healthier for you. They’re full of the nutrients you need.

I love the Filling and Healthy plan, and many members tell me it’s great for their Sunday roast and staying on track over Christmas!

Switch to Higher Pro-Pointed Versions

When you start a diet, you may be tempted to switch to all the low-fat options. These tend to be lower in pro-points values, and is great when you don’t have many pro-points to play with.

Instead of eating more, why not switch to the higher pro-pointed items? You get to enjoy without overindulging. When it comes to your pro-points dropping (and they will), you won’t have to cut out too much. You just switch back to the low-fat options.

Make Sure You’re Tracking Correctly

One thing I do want to mention is to make sure you’re tracking correctly. It can be easy to start assuming or guestimating, especially after following the plan for some time.

If you find that you’re not losing but don’t meet your allowance, go back to your books and check your tracker. How many times did you really weigh out your portions? How many times did you check the values before writing them down? 

You may be eating more than you think.

Enjoy a Wee Treat

There’s nothing wrong with having a treat now and then. This could be a great way to end your night and eat more of your pro-points.

Okay, so you are eating more, but it could be on something that you’ve not allowed yourself up until now.

If you don’t want to eat something, why not drink it? There are some delicious hot chocolates and specialised coffees. You could add whipped cream and marshmallows, which you would usually avoid. 

You don’t always need to eat more because you have more pro-points left over. It’s all about making smart choices. Consider if any of the options above will work for you, and start making the most of your pro-points allowance and enjoy the Weight Watchers plan.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Why You Shouldn’t Bother Giving Into Cravings

We all get cravings throughout the day. Every now and then, giving into them isn’t a problem. But if you consistently do it, you’re going to make it harder to lose weight. Rather than give into your cravings, you can plan ahead and add treats into your week. It’s really not that difficult at all.
Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t bother giving into cravings.

They Make You Feel Sluggish

Most of the time, your cravings are going to be sweet treats. I usually find around 3pm that I crave something chocolaty. My body doesn’t need it, but my mind thinks it does.

Even if I have it, I end up feeling sluggish afterwards. That’s because of the instant sugar rush and then the sudden burning of energy. I’m not actually taking care of the reason behind the craving in the first place; either the trigger or the issue of just not eating enough of the right things throughout the day.

When you feel sluggish, other cravings will kick in. You’ll want more sugary treats and that leads to more calories used. You end up gaining more weight.

Do you really want that?

They’re Just Not Good for You

Did anyone else see Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush on Channel 4 the other week? I had to watch it on catch-up, but I still made sure I did catch it. I’m glad I did, because it told me things that I couldn’t believe.

Your cravings—especially those sweet ones—really aren’t good for you. They’re not good for your waistline and they’re not good for your health overall. I’m not going to demonise sugar because all food groups have their place, but I’m going to demonise too much of it. Remember when I said the other week about eating everything in moderation?

If you don’t bother giving into cravings and replace them with healthier options, you reduce the risk of a number of health problems. You reduce the risk of diabetes for a start, which affects millions of people and is among the reasons for 7,000 people having legs amputated on a yearly basis. That’s 130 people per week!

Is that something you really want to risk?

You Can Keep Them as a Treat

Do you remember when sweeties were only allowed once a week? I do! I would be allowed them on a Saturday afternoon, and only my Nanna would buy them for me.

Once upon a time, these cravings we get weren’t satisfied right away. We had to keep them as treats during the week. It actually made them more satisfying, too! I looked forward to my weekend sweeties, and savoured them when I got them.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy yours more?

It Doesn’t Mean You Give Them Up

When I say don’t bother giving into cravings, I don’t mean don’t give yourself the treat now and then. Giving them up completely isn’t going to be good for your mindset. If you tell yourself you’re not allowed something at all, how much more do you want it?

This is really about eating in moderation (yes, there’s that word again) and having them as treats. You get to lose more weight, because you’re taking control of your food and your lifestyle. You’re saying yes now and then, but focusing on a healthier diet overall.

Doesn’t that sound great?

So, stop giving into your cravings on a daily basis. It’s time to take a step back and focus on a healthier lifestyle. It really will help you in the long run.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Weight Watchers Recipe: Cheesy-Stuffed Butternut Squash

One of my favorite recipes has to be cheesy-stuffed butternut squash. It’s really easy to make, absolutely delicious and healthy.

The downside is that it does take a while to make. The longest part is roasting the butternut squash to soften it so you can scoop out the middle. I also tend to roast it whole for 15 minutes beforehand to soften it enough to cut in half!

Besides that, it’s great. I tend to start making it while my husband is on the train home from work. By the time he’s home, it’s ready to be plated up. Here’s the recipe for it.


1 butternut squash (halved with seeds removed)
100g soft cheese; onion and chive or garlic and herb work best for this but you can experiment with flavors
50g grated cheese (low-fat if you want to keep it lower in propoints/syns etc)
1tsp paprika (or to taste)
1tsp chives (or to taste)
1 slice of bread


1. Preheat the oven to 180C
2. Make a crisscross into the butternut squash halves and then place in the oven for 45 minutes (or until the middle is soft enough to scoop out)
3. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and then add the butternut squash. Leave a 2cm rim of butternut squash inside the skin. Mash together and then spoon back into the two halves of your butternut squash.
4. Blitz the slice of bread in a blender to make breadcrumbs and sprinkle on top of the stuffed squash halves. I find half a slice for the two is just enough.
5. Pop back in the oven for a further 15 minutes.

We usually just eat it on its own, but you could serve with a side salad. It’s a meal that even my daughter loves to have, so sometimes we make double of it all and split the left over half between us. I’ve not tried freezing the cooked middle.

I hope you enjoy it as much as much as we do. One of these days, I’ll remember to take a photo of it to share!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Why You Need to Eat Everything in Moderation

When losing weight, many people start cutting out foods. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had someone look at me in awe when I’ve tucked into a dessert and then heard them ask me whether I can eat it.

Weight Watchers doesn’t cut anything out completely. It’s all about eating food in moderation. This means you can eat everything in moderation, whether it’s fruit and veg or you’re really craving that bar of chocolate in the fridge. Nothing is banned on the diet, and I don’t believe any diet should ban anything.

Of course, it’s all about making healthy choices, but that chocolate bar once a week isn’t going to do you much harm. In fact, it will be good for you. Here’s why you should eat everything in moderation.

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much of One Thing

Sticking to salad every single day will get boring. Yes, you can have too much of it. While it may not do you much harm health-wise, it will do some damage mentally. You’ll start resenting the food you eat, and that causes people to binge.

There have been various studies completed that show too much of something is bad for you, healthy or not. You get bored and start to look for variety. If you stop yourself from having variety, you’ll feel bad about the food you’re eating because you just don’t want it any more.

Even your favourite food can become boring if you eat too much of it!

Cut Down on the Sugar and Salt

Some food is full of sugar and salt, and both are these are bad for you when you eat too much of them. Yes, your body needs some of everything, but only in moderation.

There’s that word again!

If you start eating the desserts and the treats in moderation, you automatically start cutting down on the salt and sugar in your diets. You’re automatically helping your body protect itself from the side effects of too much of them. 

You’ll Have More Energy

As mentioned, you need a mixture of food groups. Salt is required by the body in small amounts, because it helps to reduce muscle cramps. Carbohydrates help to give the body the energy it needs, while fibre aids the digestive system. Even fats are good for you, as long as you choose the right ones!

By getting a good balance, you have more energy to do things. You’ll want to exercise more, and this will boost your preference to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Just getting on with your daily tasks won’t seem that hard.

Weight Loss Becomes Easier

Following a plan where you eat everything in moderation will help your weight loss. It becomes easier, because you enjoy the food you’re eating. You don’t feel deprived, and feel good about making healthier choices.

Moaning about not having that piece of cake is a thing of the past. Blowing your diet because you’ve given into a week-long craving doesn’t happen. You know you’ll be allowed something, but it’s up to you to plan when to have it; to choose when it right for your particular lifestyle.

By choosing to eat everything in moderation, you’re helping yourself in many ways. Stop cutting foods out of your diet! Focus on a healthy and balanced one, even having that chocolate now and then.